Having guests over for lunch at our home in the country is always such a treat. Add to that treat, the beautiful fall leaves on the trees that settle onto the grass creating the most glorious blanket of golds and burgundies to set the mood. On a crisp blue-sky day in the Midwest, the setting is pretty much heaven. The meal is always simple with a bowl of piping hot soup, a fresh salad from the farm-stand, and a crusty local bread is simple yet delicious.

When having an outdoor gathering, I find it nice to bring in natural elements of fall that can be found on a local farm or right on our property. The farms have pumpkins and gourds in a variety of colors like white, yellow, and even light blue! The squatty orange ones are my favorite. I love to stack them into towers at my entryways and gather little ones to lay in groups on the dining tables. For centerpieces to go along with the pumpkins, I add inviting moments of florals. Setting the florals up with items from my land in vases with candles are the perfect touch.

Gathering and putting together these arrangements are my favorite part of entertaining. It feels intentional and purposeful for my guests to enjoy what can be found right where we are celebrating the season together. There are many wildflowers, branches, cat tails by the ponds, and long grasses that can be used. This year I took an extra step and was able to use cornstalks from the farm behind us at our entry gates along the driveway. I decorated them on a warm fall day all with things I found on a walk through our vineyard.

Eating outside in nature amongst the foliage is great for families and adults alike. I like to bring out a basket of blankets and light a fire to keep the fall vibes cozy. The kids can run and play, and the adults can sit and talk amongst each other. I typically bring as many soft and cozy elements as I can from the farmhouse to create a warm environment that is both casual and comfortable. I want people to feel at home and that they can truly relax. Keep your guest cozy and comfy and the event should be a success. Nothing better than gathering with people you love!

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