What is Rustic Glam? It is a fusion of old and new. Weathered wood, aged metals, and repurposed decor paired with neutrals, clean lines, and of course… the glam! “Glam” doesn’t have to mean cheap jewel tones and glitter. To us, glam is timeless. It’s elevated. It’s embellished, but in a storied way. Let’s take a look at some of our projects that walk this delicate balance, starting with our very own black barn design.

If any one style is overused, a space can feel too matchy-matchy and overdone. Mixing design styles is our favorite way to create interest throughout a space … and there’s no better combo than rustic glam! Our barn renovation stylized this intersection, making it the first of many projects of ours to embrace it.

Here’s another rustic glam project #TheGables, primary suite renovation. Our clients have very different design styles–he likes hotel glam and she likes farmhouse cozy. By incorporating warm wood tones and vintage pieces with neutral tile and embellished lighting and hardware, we were able to bring the styles together in rustic glam fashion.

At #TheFranklin barn as well, you can guess it … rustic glam! Our clients gravitate towards traditional rustic, but were open to modern elements as long as the space felt warm and inviting for their multi-generational family to hang out in. This space will be stunning (reveal coming NEXT WEEK, stay tuned!) and incorporates allll the glamorous vintage you could imagine.

Our barn has many rustic features … It’s a 100 year old barn and we felt we had to preserve its history throughout the renovation! We chose to reuse the weathered wood as shiplap and restore the floors and rafters alike. However, lighting was a natural first way to lean into the intersection of modern glam. We repurposed several different types of chandeliers to use as interior and exterior lighting throughout the barn. This elevated the space, making it feel more like a home and less like an old milking barn. The large glass windows, mirrors, and clean-lined decor also give the space a modern feel, while vintage elements balance the scale.

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