Our Story

As a family-owned design-to-build company, we have specialized in the “boutique build” experience.  Our vision has been unwavering: We design lifestyles, not just homes. Our philosophy is centered on building relationships with our clients. Our discussions aim beyond creating beautiful spaces. When our work is done, our clients step into the lifestyle they’ve always desired in the space they’ve always envisioned.

We have those dreams too, and our studio barn is no exception. We loved the location … at the intersection of three main roads, on the Huron River, just outside the city of Dexter. We were committed to preserving the property’s historic appeal. Yet, function was a “non-negotiable” as we stretched our creative capacity to capture every nuance of our company’s operation. The studio barn is a special place for us, and a place our clients consistently feel at home within and voice their wish to feel alike in their soon-to-be space. A 100-year old milking barn turned rustic modern design studio, this space is the happy, inspiration filled space that we can't wait to create in every day.

AJ Evenson

Chief Executive Officer, Principal Designer
From building and designing homes for over two decades, AJ is a true visionary who has a passion for creative & unique design solutions. She has a special eye for intersectional design and is a sucker for nearly any vintage gem (bring her to a vintage shop and she can repurpose just about anything in a tasteful and functional way!) She’s not afraid to create the unexpected, and leads our team with the same inspiring energy. AJ cares deeply about our clients and helps them feel a sense of belonging within their space. She’s unapologetically AJ, and wants our clients to feel the same as they step into their new and enhanced lifestyle within their home. You’ll typically find AJ onsite sketching a creative new design with her classic on: cargo pants, work boots, and a leather backpack.

Kirk Evenson

Chief Operations Officer, Licensed Builder
A licensed builder since 1997, Kirk has an ultimate passion for service above self. He loves helping our clients build their dreams and achieve their desired lifestyle through intentional construction. As a lifelong educator, connecting with the community and serving others is second nature for Kirk. His creative eye lends a visionary perspective for our clients to reimagine their lot or current space. Kirk is a people person, and connects with every one of our clients and contractors throughout each project. As our head builder, he coordinates our daily construction schedule, but also loves to prioritize meeting every potential client on the front end to create a long-lasting, trusting relationship. Kirk can often be found whistling around job sites with a smile on his face. His passion for life and service is infectious, and he brings the energy to our clients and team every day.

Avery Evenson Milarch

Chief Brand Officer, Designer, Licensed Realtor
In true builder's child fashion, Avery was destined for the real estate industry. From a young age growing up on job sites, Avery was inspired to pair her innate industry knowledge with a degree from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business in order to help rebrand her parent's longtime, successful building company to what is now Blue Zone Spaces. Avery also obtained her real estate license in order gain another lens and helpful tool to support clients. Avery was particularly inspired to help rebrand the family company into a more lifestyle-enhancing design model. After retiring from professional athletics and gaining a personal interest of holistic health and wellness, she found solace in creating spaces that truly reflect and enable the passions of those that inhabit them. She is passionate to help others determine and prioritize what is most important to them, and enjoys sharing those storied spaces with the world in hopes of inspiring more intentional living.

Becky Chapin

Project Director, Designer
With decades of experience in public service and a knack for problem solving, Becky is a natural when working with both our clients and contractors to deliver our client's vision with the highest efficiency. With an eye for improving flow and reimagining spaces, she is a vital part of our design and construction process, collaborating both phases of the process. Serving people is Becky's passion; her focus on client experience is unmatched. You'll often find Becky on job sites meeting clients, goodies in hand, and supporting our wonderful contractors.

Meg Clarke

Retail Director, Designer
Meg has a true passion for helping clients enhance their lives through design. She’s impeccable when it comes to curating and sourcing high-quality, purposeful and timeless pieces, and feels every space should express the values & personalities of those who enjoy it. Meg curates all of our vendors and works with our design clients to help source furnishings and decor for their new space.

Vanessa Keyes

Client Relations Director, Designer
With nearly two decades of experience as a lender in the real estate industry and a keen eye for communal spaces, Vanessa brings a unique perspective to our design and renovation projects. Always advocating for maximizing value, both monetarily and personally, Vanessa helps our clients prioritize what is most important to them in a community enriching way. Vanessa believes home is the most important aspect of life, where memories are made and community is built. She loves to create communities that are vibrant, inclusive, and comfortably beautiful where people can build meaningful connections with one another and their own families.

Matt Hagood

Architect, Site Supervisor
A licensed builder and architectural designer, Matt has decades of experience in the building industry designing creative plans and solutions for homeowners. In collaboration with our design team, Matt translates our client's vision to blueprint, and helps conceptualize structural and design plans for our contractors to execute.

Michael Drew

Construction Manager, Lead Carpenter
With decades of experience in the trades as a licensed contractor, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to both our team and job sites. With a can-do attitude and high standards, Michael excels as our lead carpenter, creating custom solutions and high-end finish work for any type of space. Bonus, Michael is a great human who every single one of our clients adores!

Michelle Evenson

Cabinetry Director
With experience in curating custom organization solutions, Michelle has a passion for helping our clients devise and source custom cabinetry from our select dealer list. Michelle also helps our clients visualize cabinet layouts with the use of 3-D drawings and can work with our cabinetry partners to strategize the most unique and cost effective options for everyone's individual space.

Elle Chapin-O'leary

Graphic Artist
An artist from birth, Elle has transformed her gift of art to the real estate industry. With the use of both free-hand and graphic design, Elle is able to assist our design team and help our clients envision the design of their soon to be spaces. Helping our clients envision the feel and function of their space during the design phase is vital to create a finished product that completely reflects their lifestyle.