As 2022 winds down (how?!), we are looking ahead to 2023 and thought we’d share the design trends we’re seeing! We chose to highlight trends that have the ability to transcend multiple styles, as we feel these are the most timeless and sustainable types of trends. We’ve never been believers of overly “trendy” design ideas. We always encourage our clients to think first and foremost about function, and second about the aesthetic they love and have always been drawn to. Certain elements will come in and out of style, but if the bones of a space have the ability to morph and adjust, a timeless design has been achieved in our book! Here are 5 design elements you can feel confident incorporating in your space in 2023 to be on trend, but not trendy.

Glass Walls

At #TheAlpine main level renovation, we incorporated glass partitions that now separate our clients’ kitchen and office spaces. We started the project by removing the kitchen walls that made the room feel tight and dark. However, our clients still desired separation and privacy among each space. Enter … gridded glass walls with pivot doors, our favorite! Several of our upcoming designs incorporate gridded glass as partitions or backsplashes to allow transparency into adjacent spaces.

Wood Tones & Moody Accents

While soft neutrals are timeless and will always hold a special place in our hearts, moody colors and wood tones have taken over! Particularly with kitchen cabinets, we’re seeing a growing trend for darker cabinet colors paired with … wood tones! Yes, you heard us right! Bye bye all white everything and hello, again, wood grain! In a timeless fashion, try pairing your natural wood cabinets with a dark or neutral accent color on the island or the uppers. Pull it all together by selecting an organic stone for countertops that complements the contrasting cabinets. In our client’s space #TheGalley, we created a cohesive new kitchen design, complete with wood cabinet tones and a darker neutral. Several of our upcoming projects are leaning towards wood cabinets and we’re so excited to modernize wood grain in varying styles of spaces.

Oversized Pendants

We’ve always been firm believers that there’s no such thing as too large of fixtures… and the industry agrees! Over your kitchen island or table is a great space to go BIG with pendants, especially if you have higher ceilings. When ceilings are standard 8’, we love incorporating large globe-shaped pendants into the design, which are typically glass and allow a nice sight line. We love the oversized dome-shaped lights and have selected them for a number of our projects including our own European farmhouse kitchen. At both #TheHills and #TheAlpine, we incorporated large globe pendants over the island to ground the space in proportion to the large islands.

Mixing metals

Gone are the days of deciding on one standard metal finish for fixtures and hardware. In 2023 and beyond, expect to see more homes mixing metal elements for added interest and character. Matte black & brass, like we used at #TheLawton, stainless and gunmetal, upcoming at #TheCreek primary bath, to name a few or our favorite combinations. #TheAlpine kitchen was also a fun project that incorporated brushed gold, bronze, and brushed steel in the design … and we’re still swooning over the interest it added to the otherwise neutral space!

Concrete or faux concrete finishes!

The last trend we’re seeing more of heading into 2023 is a team favorite … concrete or faux concrete texture! We have always loved elemental design and gravitated towards mixing elements for interest. Concrete is a neutral and organic way to bring texture into a space without having to go rustic. At #TheTreehouse we incorporated chunky concrete pendants over the island that layered nicely in the otherwise more sleek and modern space. Another favorite concrete use of ours … concrete schmeared fireplaces! We’ve created different variations of a concrete schmeared fireplace at four of our projects now and we can’t wait to bring the timeless texture to more spaces! Note, concrete can always be tinted. So it doesn’t always have to be a cool gray!

We help our clients be intentional with design decisions and feel it’s important to consider both function and timeless design with any renovation. Are you looking to renovate or redesign your space in the near future? Consider incorporating one of these 5 features and feel confident knowing you’ll love it for years to come! Follow us on social at @bluezonespaces for more design ideas or contact us Here if you’re interested in working together to update your space for the fast approaching new year!✨