This balanced approach to restore and replace is our signature. As a practice, it creates interest, minimizes waste and helps to author each home’s unique story.

Our marketplace collection of textiles, furnishings and accessories reflect that same attention to intention. It is a mix of neutral colors in timeless shapes that provide the foundation for seasonal shifts in color and decor and offer a simplified approach to organization.

When serving, our pieces provide elevated textures and tones that envelop and enhance the cuisine they cradle. They allow the vibrance of the tablescape – whether food or flowers – to capture the focus. Our softscape staples bring out the beauty of the furnishings they adorn. Even our organizational offerings create an organic yet streamlined statement too pretty to hide.

“Our latest collection is a celebration of Midwest intentional living. Aesthetically, it’s a mix of old and new. Sleek lines and rustic textures. Innovation and tradition.”

When it comes to our marketplace collection, our philosophy is simple. We want people to:

– Invest in quality pieces that transcend seasons.

– Rid their homes – and subsequently minds – of the clutter that’s unnecessary and unhealthy.

– Spend less time worrying about their important moments and more time celebrating them.

– Flood their senses with nature’s beauty.

– Rediscover their love of hosting.

– Enjoy the benefits of Midwest intentional living.