BZS can design, renovate and furnish a room, a floor or your entire home. We don’t just update. We ensure every aspect of your home fits your family’s needs. Looking for a more open-concept feel for family gatherings? Need multi-purpose work areas that work as hard as you do? Hoping to preserve some of your home’s history? Let us develop the design, manage the transformation and create for you the lifestyle you long to lead. Our process involves maximum up-front planning for minimal disruption of your space and project time.

Our Process

1. Conversation

We begin every client relationship with a conversation

2. Planning

We create a plan, a time table and an estimate

3. Design

We develop a 3-D experience in addition to hands-on samples

4. Communication

We communicate from start to finish

5. Dream Space

We hand you the keys to your new dream space

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    Our Team

    AJ Evenson

    Chief Executive Officer, Principal Designer

    Kirk Evenson

    Chief Operations Officer, Licensed Builder

    Avery Evenson Milarch

    Chief Brand Officer, Designer, Realtor

    Becky Chapin

    Operations Director, Designer

    Vanessa Keyes

    Brand Director, Designer

    Stephen Milarch

    Operations Associate

    Meg Clarke

    Retail Director

    Kylie Evenson

    Assistant Designer

    Elle Chapin-O’Leary

    Studio Assistant, Creative