The River

Story of the River

It was love at first sight. Who wouldn’t adore the charm of a century-old farmhouse with the smell of doughnuts and cider in the air? Rusts and reds reflecting in the river running through it. The quaint white structure and faded barn whispered their welcome to us. And so … our Blue Zone Spaces studio found its home.

As a family-owned design-to-build company, we have specialized in the “boutique build.”  Our vision has been unwavering: We design lifestyles, not just homes. Our philosophy is centered on building relationships with our clients. Our discussions aim beyond creating beautiful spaces. When our work is done, our clients step into the lifestyle they’ve always desired in the space they’ve always envisioned.

We have those dreams too. We loved the location … at the intersection of three main roads just outside the city of Dexter. We were also committed to preserving the property’s historic appeal. Yet, function was a “non-negotiable” as we stretched our creative capacity to capture every nuance of our company’s operation.

What we needed:

  • An inspirational space with loads of light and large openings to merge the “in” with the “out.”
  • A full-service, gourmet kitchen to showcase luxury features and  culinary offerings.
  • Multiple spaces for styling our retail photoshoots.
  • High-tech spaces to huddle.

What we wanted:

  • An embrace of old and new … textured and sleek … industrial and farm … wood and metal … and loads of glass. And just enough rust to remind you of decades past.
  • A place to both sketch and crunch numbers.
  • A space so welcoming, you never want to leave.
  • A “Smart” Barn.

And so, The River became both our family- and family business-hub. A gathering place for our friends and loved ones, and even strangers, who find comfort in the chaos of a juxtaposed gem we call home.

March 2021
Dexter, MI