Finding Beauty at the Intersection✨

If any one style is overused, a space can feel too matchy-matchy and overdone. Mixing design styles is our favorite way to create interest throughout a space … and there’s no better combo than rustic glam!

For us, fall also means it’s tailgating season! I don’t know about you, but here in the Midwest, we do tailgates big. Whether it’s a Michigan Football game (sorry Spartys!), NFL or local high school match, there’s nothing quite like a Midwest tailgate with your family and friends.

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Redefining ✨TURNKEY✨…

There’s ‘aesthetic turnkey’ for a pretty first glance, and then there’s an ‘intentional turnkey experience.’ We believe in nothing short of the latter. We say “experience” because that’s exactly what turnkey should be. A complete, well thought out delivery of a space that’s ordinary function is taken to the next level in a creative and effortless way. For us, sometimes this means repurposing a vintage piece for a completely different unique function. Other times this means cohesively integrating meaningful pieces of our client’s lifestyle or passion into the overall design. During the design phase, we take the time to truly get to know our clients and the intentionality they long to live by within their space so they never have to stress about the details.

#TheSalon 👆🏼✨… Down to the mixing station’s brush vessels, client charging stations, various offerings at the beverage station and more, our sourcing and installation of the tiny details were a culmination of every necessity, desire, and paint point solution that our client longed for in her new space. Bonus, she didn’t have to stress about any of it and was able to resume business in an even more elevated way the following day!

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Never let a designer tell YOU what YOU need🚩 Aesthetics come and go, but intentionality is EVERYTHING👏🏼✨…

We’re in the business of building lifestyles, one passion-filled, wellness-inspired, family-oriented, happy place at a time🫶🏼. We take ample time on the front end of design to really get to know our clients. Their needs, their desires, their passions … their belongings inside each and every one of their cupboards (yes, that too is VERY important!) You name it, we want to know all about it so we can help guide functional design decisions that capture all of the important aspects of a client’s life.

Beautiful aesthetic should be a given. Intentional design is our standard✨ Is this the type of custom you’re craving for your own spaces? Let’s talk!👇🏼 (link in bio)

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