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Blue Zone Intentions

Welcome, friends! With the change in seasons, we’ve realized all of the new faces we have around here. We thought we’d take a second to reintroduce ourselves, our company and our mission. “What’s the thought behind the name ‘Blue Zone Spaces’?” … a question we’ve received a lot lately. More on this here … ✨

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Women Supporting Women … Yes Please!

Building community is something of great importance to us. To be quite honest, it’s the most important and fulfilling part of our work. Delivering beautiful and functional design is one thing, but doing so while also forming lasting connections with wonderful humans is far greater! Human connection brings us energy and fuels our design engine, and we’re so honored to continue creating bonds with members of our growing community.

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Old Beginnings: Six Considerations for Designing a Barn

They may look like a splurge to outsiders, but our barn renovations are some of our clients’ most intentional designs. A growing family’s gathering place. A fitness studio. A retail market. An event space. A flower farm. Even an animal sanctuary. There is no end to the possibilities with barn structures. If you can dream it, you can build it. And that’s what we’ve found ourselves doing more and more.

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Make Your Pinterest Board a Reality

As the seasons change, so does a desire for a fresh chapter. I don’t know about you, but we love a fall drive here in the midwest. Looking at the changing trees and dreaming of the beautiful homes that pass by.  “What if transformed my home into the ones I dream of on my Pinterest board?!” “What if we sold and started fresh?” We receive lots of inquiries this time of year asking for just this. While the state of the market has been swirling in headlines lately, we thought we’d put together a market update for those wondering about the current state of the housing market, interest rates, and renovation loan options (OK, yes the less than fun parts of bringing your Pinterest board to reality, but important too!!) 

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BZS Realty… It’s Official!

I also believe the pandemic changed the way in which homeowners prioritize their spaces and lives within. With both our BZS renovation and real estate clients, we’ve seen a greater need and desire for spaces to truly support the lifestyle they lead or long to. No longer is a home just a place to lay your head between long days at the office, but rather a sanctuary for families to intentionally thrive in.

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