About Us

We are a family of craftsmen, story tellers, visionaries and techies. We are artists at heart and caretakers of our surroundings. Wellness is our passion. We’ve been building lifestyles for our clients for more than two decades. How you live and function in your space is our first priority. When we step away from your home, you step into the lifestyle you’ve always desired.

Our Mission

Building Lifestyles

To help our clients establish the intentional lifestyle they desire through targeted reflection, thoughtful design and sustainable material choice to enhance purpose, wellness and a sense of community.

Our Team

AJ Evenson

Chief Executive Officer, Principal Designer

Kirk Evenson

Chief Operations Officer, Licensed Builder

Avery Evenson Milarch

Chief Brand Officer, Designer, Realtor

Becky Chapin

Operations Director, Designer

Vanessa Keyes

Brand Director, Designer

Stephen Milarch

Operations Associate

Meg Clarke

Retail Director

Kylie Evenson

Assistant Designer

Elle Chapin-O’Leary

Studio Assistant, Creative

We build lifestyles not just homes

Everybody deserves a space that inspires. Inspiration does not however reside in beauty alone. Inspiration is born of function … it’s the feeling that your space brings out the best in you. It’s what separates Blue Zone Spaces from other design-to-build companies. ‍

We all want stunning spaces. But what can (and should) your spaces do for you? Our designs center on the lifestyle you long for. We value your input into every aspect of your home and believe your spaces should be authentically you. We value detail and craftsmanship and believe your spaces deserve the highest quality.  We value the environment and believe your spaces can enhance the nature around you.  We value the Blue Zone principles and believe that curated spaces can encourage movement, purpose, community and well-being.  Our conversations start with a wish


“I wish my home … “Let Blue Zone Spaces help you finish your thought.