Whether you're refreshing your current space or building your dream home, here's 3 ways to customize your home and prioritize valuable square footage in order to lead a more fulfilled, intentional life: 1. Community - Curate your spaces with centralized gathering as the focus as opposed to a tv or fixed item. Think open spaces that spill outdoors with lots of smaller gathering spaces within. We love to position the kitchen and living areas together at the heart of a home, with various furniture arrangements within to enable thoughtful conversations within the greater space. 2. Purpose - Don’t be afraid to ditch traditional norms and instead incorporate your passions into main spaces. Love to garden? Ditch the formal dining room and instead craft a greenhouse and potting space where your table feels immersed in nature (see our Barn Blueprints for reference!) 3. Wellness - Create wellness hubs within your main spaces. Try designing your kitchen cabinets and layout to incorporate maximum storage for produce and fresh ingredients as opposed to dry goods. Think, bigger refrigerators, built-in produce baskets and small appliance compartments. Immerse your workout equipment within your main spaces or dedicate an inspiring space with a view to your movement studio.